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Unforgettable moments  !!!

   Guadeloupe, leisure and water sports,  X'treme Gliss 971   waiting for you to have fun in  jet-ski, towed buoys, Paddle, Flyboard and the last activity, parasailing.


   Our base of nautical activities in Guadeloupe and rental of Jet-ski in North Grande Terre Souffleur beach in Port Louis offers superb  hiking  by Jet-ski in  the Grand Cul-de -Sac marin and the cliffs of the Grande Vigie.  

   Discover the islet  Caret and its lagoon with turquoise waters,  the islet  Macou and the mangrove,  serenity and wild beauty.


   Under their marquee signed with the famous logo of the delirious skeleton in Flyboard  on the  Souffleur beach in Port Louis . Christophe and Laurence you  waiting on the base  X'treme Gliss 971.

Your Jet-ski rental and nautical activities in Guadeloupe is at  





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guadeloupe activités nautiques jet-ski
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