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GREAT  ASS  OF  BAG  MARIN - 7:30 a.m. -  


Prices :


75 € / ADULT

              35 € / CHILD (-13 years) 

meals included - 8 pers. max


                      The mangrove:


       The mangrove is by far a swamp, a wetland

                      in brackish water.

     Strange  idea of visiting such a place when we have just done

           8h30 by plane to treat yourself to a postcard stay

    and yet, by approaching a little we discover in Guadeloupe,

         a totally amazing world that you have to register

                in your eco-tourist visits:

       Visiting the mangroves of Guadeloupe is not to be missed  !!

            The coral reef:



       Barely flush with the surface of the water, the coral reef

           of the barely perceptible Grand-Cul-De-Sac-Marin,

       is nevertheless very present all north of the salt river.

         It is the longest of all the Lesser Antilles.  

      25 km long!  His role ? Close a large marine area by

                  a lagoon of 1,500 hectares.

      A real protective barrier for thousands of species

     animal and plant, it defines a breeding environment

                     and abundant life.

                 He is  Caret:

   Caret islet  is an uninhabited islet located in the  Grand Cul-de-sac sailor ,

        off the town of  Holy rose  in  Guadeloupe .


   It measures approximately 250  meters long and about twenty meters                         wide on average.

       Its vegetation consists of small  Palm trees  replanted

              as well as a few other plants.

        The white sand from which it is formed is partly made up of

         of  corals  dead from the  barrier Reef  located

               a few hundred yards away.


          The islet was created by submarine movements

             partly due to earthquakes,

             as well as by the action of the wind and the sea.

           Each year, the islet changes shape and shrinks.

               Sand point

              This beach located on a peninsula  

                 is only accessible by boat.

                  Originality: the sea is green!

     This color is due  with algae lining the bottom of the water.

         You will also find very beautiful starfish there.

              Beautiran site

            The Beautiran site was the shipping port

         sugar and rum produced by the Beauport plant,

   as well as reception of the coal necessary for the steam engines.

        Several remains of the old port facilities

               testify to this past activity.

         Magnificent panorama of the great Cul-de-Sac marin

             and the birth of the mountain range,

                 with a view of the Pointe sable.

                The Coastal Conservatory provides

                the restoration of the ruins and the port.

               He is  to birds


               The bird island is aptly named.

   From a distance, we can see  small white spots on the mangroves ...

  By approaching slowly, we can observe the birds very closely.


       Snowy egrets, brown pelicans, cattle herons,

          great blue herons,  A small paradise for bird watchers

               budding and nature photographers.



start at 8  h 00 min. back to 15  h


  • Discovery of the mangrove and the Grand Cul de Sac Marin

  • Reserve  de Fajou (mask and snorkel palm)

  • He is  Caret

  • Sand point

  • Beautiran site

  • He is  to the birds

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guadeloupe activités nautique jet ski
guadeloupe activités nautiques jet ski
guadeloupe activités nautiques jet ski
guadeloupe activités nautiques jet ski
guadeloupe activités nautique jet ski
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