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Prices :

75 € / ADULT

              35 € / CHILD (-13 years old) 

meals included - 8 pers. max

          The Rotours Canal

         Dug at the beginning of the 19th century  century (1826-1830),

    the Canal des Rotours, in the town of Morne-à-l'Eau

           mobilized the energy of several hundred

                 of slaves and free men.

          Originating at the landing stage,

         it ends at Pointe à feuille 5 km further.

     From an essential economic role, it is with its openness

                that the commune organized itself.

      Along the banks, the mangrove with its mangroves

     and meadows that accompany up to  the mouth,

             open to the large cul de sac marin.

           Chapel Beach

         Magnificent tongue of protected blond sand

      by the coral reef,  it is suitable for swimming

          and a few moments of rest in the shade

          coconut palms and grapes by the sea.  


It owes its name to the old chapel which was once established there

        The tip of the Grande Vigie

     Pointe de la Grande Vigie is the northernmost point

                     of Grande-Terre.

        Its limestone cliffs reach 80 meters in height

         and recall those of Normandy or Brittany.


8:00 am departure  back 15  h 30


  • Direction Petit  Canal, the ROTOURS canal ,  Vieux Bourg and the sandy beach.

  • Lunch break in a restaurant by the sea.

  • Then we will head back to Bertrand Cove and  La Grande Vigie to try to observe cetaceans, whales and dolphins (from January to May) if the weather permits, otherwise visit the Fajou islet and its magnificent coral reef. (mask and tuba)

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