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Municipality of Port Louis

Port-Louis was first designated as "  Pointe d'Antigues  »Before bearing the name of  Louis XIV . Renamed under the Revolution "  Free Port  », It regains its current name in the 19th century.  century .  


Diving clubs Port Louis

Car rental

Colibri Auto Location:

Your new vehicle rental agency for your future trips to GUADELOUPE. We welcome you with a fleet of cars at attractive and decreasing rates depending on the length of your stay. With the Colibri auto location team, you will benefit from an all-inclusive service:

Quote & Reservation:  http://www.colibri-location.com

Visit and excursion

 Is a 30-year-old vehicle reliable?

And yes it is! Contrary to popular belief, thirty years ago, no planned obsolescence!

  All our vehicles have gone through a complete restoration and are of course maintained at great expense. On the other hand, it's up to you to adapt to the old wetsuit and not the other way around! More rustic, less efficient, this is also what makes all its charm!

Ecosystem in Guadeloupe
Vacation rentals in Guadeloupe
In Port Louis

ABACA Cottage   (Abaca is a variety of banana trees)

Located in the town of Port Louis, this cottage is the only one on the property with your host's house. It will give you complete satisfaction. Surrounded by exotic plants, it ensures total privacy in a calm environment. Location for the car and security by electric gate. The magnificent Souffleur beach is only about ten minutes away on foot.

SET'A COM our local communication partner


SET'A COM   www.setacom.net   is a company specializing in:     the design, manufacture and distribution of placemats and menus               advertising  from several restaurants.

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