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Hike 2 hrs 15 mins  :


  - Direction 3 islets of Grand Cul-De-Sac marin to discover the Caribbean Sea in all its splendor.

  - He is  Caret: 30-minute break. White sand and coconut palms in a lagoon with turquoise waters. PMT essential.


 - He is  Fajou: Contoured by the south in the middle of the Grand Cul-De-Sac marin, Fajou is part of the nature reserve.


 - He is  Macou:  We  will discover a chapel "Notre Dame de Macou" where  you can place a candle there to mark your passage.


Prices: 195  € / pers.

5 € per pers. sup.

guadeloupe activités nautique
guadeloupe activités nautique
guadeloupe activités nautique
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